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Torrevieja Writers Meeting of Wednesday 6th May 2015.

Writing is definitely and firmly on the agenda - so read on.

The group now seems to be 'under starters orders' for something to really get going again.  Ian has chaired the group before and has given consideration to the programme moving forward.

Since he does consider it an actual writing group it is his clear intention that there will be more writing activity during some of our meetings.  We have written short pieces when 'hot pen' has been allocated space and he now has specific activities in mind.  Since this group has 'writing' in the title that is exactly what he intends we should do. So sharpen those pencils, blow the dust away from the laptops and get at it.

This morning commenced with a twenty minute discussion that gave members an update on our blog and the instigating of a FaceBook site.  The outcome being that it is hoped that there will be more blog entries and that an enclosed FB group will enable quicker communication.  The blog is our exposure to the world and where our work we can be viewed.

Margaret introduced her poem 'Passing By' that had been inspired by reading 'A Walk Across the Sun' by Corban Addison.  I could say that it does benefit any writer to read as often as one can.  it was agreed that she had created some beautiful lines and still tell a story of child abuse.  An ugly topic, but one that has inspired her to write on several other occasions.  A line such as 'strokes her cheek with his knuckle' reverberated around the room and for Ian 'the shelf of the street step' made him comment.

She read this again, upon request, at the end of the meeting with much more discussion on the subject matter.  During this MSLEXIA was discussed and members are invited to visit their web site at

Heather read a story of 870 words beautifully and engrossed us with descriptions of places and then shocked us by revealing two brutal deaths had been committed by a teenage girl.  The first one was a bully and the second one because she became annoyed, but there is more to this story than that.  There is a line that was remarked upon which was 'hers for the walking over.' This story should be read.

Mery, as usual, came up with a 'couple of crackers' that brought humour into the room with 'Bed of Roses' that spoke of lust in rhyming couplets. Maybe a thorny issue for some!  Then she had the temerity to read 'Drama Queen' and finished with a line involving a 'gay' prince. I thought that they were all 'Queens.'  She uses simple language that is so effective with rhyme.

Heinke, as she often does, brought something else.  She has an appetite for the bizarre and has ideas other than from this planet!  It apparently involved something like a giraffe but also involved a full size poster of Eric Cantona.  It was widely discussed and various suggestions made as to where she could 'go with this story.' Margaret seems to sum it up (well almost) when she remarked "It makes me giggle like a child, but I don't know why."  Christina also liked this adolescent aspect.  There is a wonderful imagination at work, with made-up-words, but somewhere in another sphere her mind is working.

Three people wrote with politics foremost in their minds. Well, it is election week.  Sue trod the party line and stuck to our theme for this week that included 'skeletons in the cupboard' where a prospective candidate is faced with an angry ex-wife. How embarrassing can that be?  Hmmmm., but it does ask a question about whether we would like everyone to be perfect or perhaps 'good old fashion honest' would do?

Ian stayed with the theme of, 'Blast from the Past,' with 'Political Scandal.'  He used some great rhymes and a line that included 'condemnation with poor explanation' where he expects that nothing will change. John read a five verse poem on politicians not answering the question and he also mentioned 'lying' as well.  It seems that we are following the national trend and having a go at all politicians.

A excellent thing about this group is that it is diverse.  Anne too, stayed with the theme, with a look back at the past giving us a snapshot of an industrial scene of dirt and grime, but with a 'sense of family' which she things is now gone.  A timely piece.

Brenda read a serious story that was well received and the lines below are her short account of the nub of the story.  Brenda says:
'A young woman who finds comfort in the arms of the church hides a sad secret.  A letter arrives that could ruin her life.  Her reputation, her job and maybe her marriage would be on the line.  To tell the truth and face the consequences or bury it back again in the past.'

Margaret had admitted before that she had written some 'love poems' and on request she read 'Live Wire Of Love.'  The subject was discussed and again this shows the value in having listened to, analyzed and commented upon another persons writing.  Feedback is essential as well as providing the stimuli for others to write.  Ian commented on this piece.

These are two lines from that poem, selected by the writer.

'We felt the pull of desire and rode it
On the waves of that surf into the sunset'

For our next meeting - The Theme (not compulsory) is -  I Have a Dream.

Should we have time I will suggest that we have some spontaneous writing of words.

John Edwards

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