Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Another meeting

Meeting of 13th May, 2015

Once more we had a good number attending although there were some notable absentees who were away traveling.  Twelve people read, and the work that was spoken ranged from incredibly personal and emotional recollections to one or two pieces that made us laugh.

Two others read, one from their own recently revised published book, and the other from a chapter of a 'work-in-progress' novel.  There were several poems, including a love poem, where the thought had been triggered by a 'love poem' being read last week. We even had two poems that arose out of last week's election.

However, the story of the day based on the theme of ' I had a dream' was our opening one of almost a thousand words.  It was a female take on meeting an 'ex' and making sure that she (the writer) looked 'trim enough' with no obvious bulges.  It was well received with many comments and praise.

This morning saw one newcomer attend and June read to us.  There was lovely rhythm in her words and this was on the theme too.

We had sufficient time to be able to examine fully a Dean Parkin poem entitled 'Quiet Road Home'.
I already had some peoples interpretation of it, but I elicited the views present in the room before declaring anyone else's ideas.

I had previously emailed the poem to members and the benefit of having a copy with them would allow for a much deeper analysis.  I suggested that if individuals needed a greater depth of feedback that this was the way to do.  I also think that there is so much worth in reading the work of others.

A great morning with critical, but supportive comments.

John Edwards

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