Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wednesday 27th May 2015

Today was a "Hot Pen" day and the word randomly chosen was "adopted". All 20 members attending took up the challenge and, as usual, we had a diversity of takes on the subject as well as styles. Many of those concentrated on the adoption of children, the search for birth parents, the dilemma of telling or not telling a child that he/she is adopted but there were one or two who revealed themselves or their loved ones with true stories of adoption.Also included in the story telling were those of adoption of animals, puppies and cats, while others took a different viewpoint with the adoption of attitudes and command some in the present day as well as the future.

All the readings were well received and some members were encouraged to expand and develop their writings. It was also pointed out to some that they should consider entering it onto this format in order that others could read them. So everyone feel free to make use of the blog.

The second half of the meeting consisted of further general readings along with discussion of the fotthcoming programme due to start on July 8th.

Next week's topic is "My Tyre Was Flat".

Ian C

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  1. Excellent blog spot. Totally off subject, I called Douglas's partner today to enquire how he is doing. She informed me that he is now in care at Campoverde Rest Home in Guardamar. I visit an old neighbour there about once a month as he has nobody in Spain, and will make the effort to seek Douglas out on our next visit within the next 2 weeks.
    Tom F.