Thursday, 28 May 2015

Hot Pen - "Adopted"

He didn't know that he had been adopted until he came across the folio of letters and documents he had found in the bottom of the wardrobe after his mother's death. It had come as quite a shock because he had never suspected that he was anything other than the son of Margaret and Dave Tyler. In fact, neighbours had often remarked how he was his father's double, but how could he be? Dave was not his natural father.

The letters and documents from Social Services and the Adoption Agency had provided him with clues and details of his birth.

Now he sat in front of the computer, not sure if what he was about to do was the correct thing. He had agonised over his quandry, discussed it with his wife and family who had sympathised with his dilemma but had said that it was his decision and his alone.

He stared at the home screen of the genealogy site to which he had subscribed. What answers would he find? Would he find any? Was he opening a can of worms that might bring heartache? After all, who did he think he was?

Ian C

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