Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wednesday 20th May

There were lots of laughter this morning.  Bucket loads of humour, all good of course, as some our members read their pieces on this week's theme of 'suspect'.  More than a dozen members read  with so many 'takes' on that one word.  The variation was amazing and if you should think I am boasting - then make sure that you are there for next Wednesday.  We had a crazy take derived from a bastardized headline; a change-of-heart that should have made the 'gaydar' ping, another arrived via an Aussie soap, and we even included ones with rhyme and a mention of a 'wanted poster' brought all the words out to culminate with an injustice.

There were full stories, where a missing cake, with those threatening words 'was it you' was discussed with so much dialogue.  In fact the spoken word featured in many readings.  Our Chairman read a longer piece where a bounty hunter gets his 'package' and fooled us all until the last paragraph.

We heard of a wheel-chair resident that allowed us to reminisce, to reflect upon the passage of time, modernization and to balance social aspects with open spaces.  There were two more items which will be additional posts.  One being a short story and a book review.

We had time for the story of Pedro Zaragoza, a mayor of Benidorm and his quest to put it on the tourist map along with 'bare bosoms'.  I think this will be a magazine item, but we heard it first!

There was ample critique and comment, but if you want a more analytical approach then send an email to members prior to the meeting.

Finally we discussed the blog, how it can be of use and how members can contribute individually.
The blog is to continue and we also have a Face Book group for forwarding items.

A 'hot pen' is for next week, but bring something else as well to read.
John Edwards 20th May, 2015

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