Thursday, 11 June 2015

Beyond Belief

You've always played with my mind,
Forever causing so much grief,
Always cruel, never kind,
You're so totally beyond belief.

Every day you stole part of my life,
So villainous, just like a thief,
While I tried to be a loving wife,
Why? It's just beyond belief.

A loving wife and doting mother,
Until you tried to cause mischief,
Accusing me of being with another,
Your imagination is beyond belief.

Everything that you say,
Has me trembling like a leaf,
How I ever got this way,
Is to me beyond belief.

From the games you've played,
There has never been relief,
I'll never know why I stayed,
It is so far beyond belief.

But I'm leaving now, without excuse,
And I'll hire myself a brief,
And he'll hear of taunts and abuse,
That I hope he'll think is beyond belief.

Ian C

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