Sunday, 28 June 2015

Summer for Shannon

You are afraid.

There is blackness all around you, bottomless void.

You fall into darkness, only down.

Disgust and self loathing overcome you; exhausted, depleted, so very ashamed.

You are heavy with futility, everything beyond your control.

You can't touch them or hold them or weigh them.

Yet they feel so real, so true, the words that torment you.

Feel the warmth of the sun, the safety of your mother's arms.

Taste the sweetness of honey, the purity of cool water.

Smell the scent of sweet fresh grass, succulent vegetation, piquant spices.

Hear birdsong, the buzz of insect wings, a choir singing in unison, waves lapping on the shore, the gut wrenching twang of a blues guitar, children's laughter.

See the cobalt blue of the sky, the sparkle of sun on water, the myriad colours of rainbow parakeets, a baby's smile.

Winter or summer; you choose.

You are loved. Don't go.

Please live. Stay with us. Live.

Choose summer.

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