Thursday, 25 June 2015


We are going back to Blighty, to sample the summer air,
A trip across the Peninsula, the first step to getting there.
Can't take the heat any more, prefer it a little colder,
We loved the sun and all that fun, but not now, a little older.

The journey starts in humid heat, we go, no trepidation,
When we get home, we settle in to warmth with precipitation.
But we are hardy folks, brought up in tougher times,
When you come from "way oop North", you are used to harder climes.

We summer in the premier resort, Blackpool to be precise,
Most think of it as a dump, we think it's rather nice,
So if you make it back to see what makes us Northerners tick,
Give us a call and pop right in, we'll give you a little stick,
( of rock that is)

The stars appear each summer, the folks to entertain,
Who come from every corner, by bus and car and train,
So please don't worry if I'm stuck in rain and wind or fog,
I'll keep you all well informed, but you must peruse THE BLOG.

Tommy Frattaroli

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