Friday, 19 June 2015

Poetry Writers of Stanza Mar Menor

Poetry Writers of Stanza Mar Menor met up once again before the heat of summer gets too much and before David has disappeared again to Murmansk, Douglas back to Scotland and Margaret seeking a cooler place in Sheffield.  I will be here until October.

Margaret challenged herself with a 'Love Poem' and we think that it is a 'Poem of Love'. The challenge was to create your own list of non-loving words and use them.  The first stanza contained the disaster element with the opening lines The day began like a farce/a comedy of events and then picking out two lines in the second longer Stanza 'You cooled and soothed me/with your hands and voice.

Douglas with his mind firmly set in Scotland gave us one 'On the Eve of the Vote' which produced an amended longer version written two days after the Independence result was known.  Amendments pending and so no comments.  He followed this with 'SignifaTory' and maybe we will see some small changes.  It is good to get political!

David asked us to comment upon his latest Tonka story which we did.  This is a subject that has enthused him ever since his first visit to Russia.  He now introduced 'Sex and Squabbles' based on his observations of House Sparrows and other birds he has seen around his house.  Then 'Barents Beauty' relating his own observations of that part of Russia.  Both so descriptive.

With Future Learn he is involving himself in lyrics and enjoying it.  His knowledge of rhythm and metre will be honed even further.

We may be only a small group, but there is a mix of work being produced.  I am involving myself in story writing which has been inspired by the themes of the Torrevieja Writers Circle. However, a poem is never that far away.

Our next gathering will be in late summer at the earliest although we will be in contact with new work through emails.

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