Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Black adder may go forth again

BLACK ADDER IS ON THE CARDS - the line read.

I would hate anyone to think that my pink halo is shining brightly as I have been reading a newspaper again.  According to Graeme Virtue (who) in The Guardian today there is a cunning plan afoot to take the cowardly Edmund and his bum-chum Baldrick into a different time zone.  Fascinating it could be as we could get out of that medieval rut (or perhaps, midden) and propel these two creatures back to Roman Times or bring them almost up to date into the flared trouser era of the sixties.  Anyway, you can read the article with all its ideas.
It seems to be that another choice could be to take that Oxbridge lot of cabinet and (yes) shadow cabinet boys and girls and see what script they could come up.  But who would be in charge? On the other hand you could leave it to the real working classes to come up with a mighty plot. I just hope that it happens.

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