Thursday, 13 August 2015

Quality Counts

Although the number attending this week's meeting was smaller than usual the quality of pieces written was again of a high standard. The written exercise was, "I write about..... because", the members were required to write about their favourite genre, style or both and explain why this appealed to them. The subjects were varied and ranged from humour to travel to life in general. Some contributors stated that their preferred style was of rhyming poetry while others found writing prose easier. A number of members also advised that their challenge was to write both. The exercise proved once again  what a diverse bunch of people we are but that the common thread was our love of writing.

Before the break we also had an oral exercise on concise writing where a phrase or sentence was read out  and the members had to convey the same meaning but in fewer words.

After the break there was more writing in the form of a hot pen when the word chosen was "hat". Again the contributions were varied with subjects including wedding hats, a hat museum and a busker in the street.

Looking forward to next weeks meeting when the subject is "Desert Island Discs" where members will reveal what three pieces of music means to them.

Ian C

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