Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wednesday 5th August

On a hot August morning we met again at Mil Palmeras.  Our numbers were reduced by members being inundated with visitors and with the luckier ones who had escaped northwards.  Those that remained took part in an entertaining couple of hours.  We heard some gems too.
Quotations were the subject and several had chosen their own and had written about them.  There was humour around the table and of course the endings were written with a surprise in mind.  One or two poetic attempts were surrounded by short stories.  One at least was on a personal level with one other ending with a 'cut throat'.  Apparently one 'too many' verbal ripostes can be 'too much for the back of the camel'.
Other quotations were introduced and they were a mix from Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, Oscar Wild right 'across the board' from 'being sent to Coventry' and two lines from a poem.  Everybody rose to the occasion and this should have been a good practice for next week's writing exercises.
We also had short discussions on the challenge to write 'Why Write', the value of editing and feedback.  I am looking forward to another good session next week.

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