Monday, 17 August 2015

Poem By Potential New Member

New Friends by Lyn Bell

We sat down at the table, we didn't know a soul
But pretty soon we exchanged names over the starter and a crusty roll.

We talked about the journey and as the wine began to flow
We chatted away all through the meal until it was time to go.

When we arrived in Vigo, a new format had been set
We had gelled together as a group of eight, no greater company could you get.

There was Chris, who loved his sugar fix, and Helen who liked to tell
Her favorite joke, not once or twice, but again to explain it as well.

Along with me and Eric, who kept us supplied with wine,
Were Elaine and Ian from Scotland, and we all got along just fine.

Last but not least, a German couple, Gerd and Ulla, joined us also
And everywhere that Ulla went, her camera was sure to go.

Now, Gerd, we know, is a very busy man, for each time he finished eating
He would take his bag and disappear to yet another business meeting!

We all saw some lovely places, liked the boat trip very much
But the highlight was the friends we made and I hope we keep in touch.

Ian C

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