Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Desert Island Discs

Ian explained that he had chosen this as a subject because music, in every form, played a part in all of our lives and lyrics, another form of poetry, contributed much to the music industry.

Although there was only a small number of members in attendance, the contributions were varied in the choices  of music which ranged from church music,opera,country and western, folk, modern day pop and what could be described as the classics of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Some of the contributions were a revelation and many provoked memories of eras past as well as sparking discussion on what was also popular at the time.

I think everyone enjoyed the exercise ad had found it difficult to restrict themselves to a choice of three pieces.

John D read out a poem which had won a competition in "The Oldie". It was about the use of modern technology and the unforeseen consequences. This was very amusing and enjoyed by all who thought it a worthy winner.

Lisa raised a couple of points which she wanted to draw attention to the first being an article on the way Amazon treated its part-time and temporary workers and the second was that of what appeared to be discrimination among agents/publishers towards male and female writers.

All in all a rather enjoyable meeting.

Ian C 

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