Thursday, 26 March 2009

Comic Relief Inspiration

The other week whilst watching Comic Relief I was inspired to write this poem. A number of you will be aware of it but for those who missed it your comments would be appreciated.

I wish that I could heal my friend
And take away his pain,
And on me he could depend
To bring him joy again.
I wish that I could take his place
But I know that cannot be
And when I look down at his face,
A smile is all I see.
I wish for him that I'll stay strong
As I take his hand,
For I know, it won't be long
'Til he's in a better land.
I wish he did not have to die
But that's how it's going to be,
And I wish I knew the reason why
The Lord chose him, not me.
I wish for him I could do more
But I know not what, or when,
I can only wait until it's o'er
For I am only ten.
Ian C


  1. Ian, I think this shows a great deal of talent - and as we have said before surely this is worthy of a competition or anthology of poetry. I will bring in the year book for you to research poetry magazines etc.

  2. Chris Johansson27 March 2009 at 09:56

    I saw the same programme and was very moved by the scene this poem is based on. You captured the feeling exactly. A good piece of writing.

  3. Another moving poem. Thanks, Ian.
    Yes, this should go out somewhere...
    'If wishes were horses, beggars would ride'... - so goes another poem.