Thursday, 12 March 2009

Meeting 11th March 2009

17 Members attended and Rob took the chair to keep order (unsucessfully!!!)

Alan kicked off with a rewritten portion of his story about Max Roberts. The general consensus was that the new version had a better flow to it.
Geoff then followed with a hilarious account of a man falling out of a window. This was Geoff''s version of this week's subject of "The Outing".
Next was Mary M. with two short pieces. The first was a gentle story about hedgehogs and the second was a very funny poem entitled "The Dance" which had everybody in stitches.
Chris then gave us 6 versions of a six line verse for a 21st birthday card. These got progressively more gloomy and it was decided that they were more suitable for funeral cards than anything else.
An edited version of Joy's school memories was next. The members' attitude was that she should continue to have it published and several venues were suggested.
Ian was next with his version of the birthday card subject and then a poem about a family outing. As usual with all of his work there was a twist in the tale.
Brenda continued with her family saga of Belle and the diaries. There was confusion over which period in time we were at. There were some suggestions that the story should be moved on at a faster pace.
Mary explained how she had always wanted to be a "Wannabee" and had won a joke telling competition. Although she had nothing written she had in her head several limericks and treated us to a couple which she had composed.
Heinke asked for volunteers to review a play that she had written a number of years ago and distributed several copies. She asked for written reviews, comments and suggestions.
Last, but by no means least was Glyn with his continuing tale of the army recruit and his cross country run. There was not so much humour in this episode but the usual graphic descriptions and observations.

Ian C


  1. Thanks Ian a very accurate account of the proceedings - I really want a copy of Mary's poem, it keeps coming into my mind so much that I was laughing walking alone down the Vista Alegre yesterday thereby further convincing the real locals that all guiris are indeed totally mad.

    aka Unsuccessful Temp. Chairman (I resign!)

  2. I wish I'd been there! Thanks, Ian, for a good overview.