Thursday, 5 March 2009

Meeting 4 March, 2009

Crammed today, twenty-four with apologies from two. Apologies for not mentioning apologies…I think… Pat started off with a humorous poem about Mary Lou who was 82 (see next posting); this got laughs and applause. As promised, Douglas was up next with a tale about a chap who was blinded in a shooting accident and met his Maker some time afterwards, ironically due to an act of God. Rita told us about her time in Tibet, creating many vivid images, the most provocative being those buffaloes who ‘went to the toilet’ next to the diners…

Jane gave us another of her splendid reminiscences of her time in France with husband Archie. This was a night at the opera with a difference, courtesy of a donkey with a mean will. Chris read out a piece about her visit to Granada in the company of Spanish pensionistas, encompassing her first time visiting the Alhambra – a photogenic place that you tend to return to time and again.

Ian read out his excellent poem based on the Jack Vettriano’s painting ‘The critical hour of 3am’. The picture above is from Lovers and Other Strangers, Paintings by Jack Vettriano (Pavilion books). Brian gave us the course of true love according to the machinations of two priests in late nineteenth century Torrevieja (which also happens to be printed in the March issue of The New Coastal Press - well done, Brian).

Brenda departed from her saga to present the first two chapters of another novel about the Tsunami disaster. Although it has some intriguing aspects, it does need more work.

Time ran out and we look forward to readings from Glyn, Alan, Mary K, Mary M and in due course Cynthia. Nik will be away next week: apologies.


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