Thursday, 26 March 2009

Meeting 25 March 2009

20 Members attended this meeting. This week's topic was "The Couple Next Door".

Before the meeting started, there was general discussion on the length of items that should be read each week. The consensus was that because of the numbers attending the maximum length to be read should be 1200 words instead of 1800 as directed in the "Suggested Topics" handout. It was agreed that we would review this for May when the new handout would be issued.

Nik then advised there were new handouts dealing with competition news and guidelines which would be distributed at the interval. It was also suggested that the members should make more use of the blog to access information, post comments and display their writing.

Alan was the first to read with a piece on this weeks subject. The writing centered around an "imaginary" conversation between himself and wife Dorothy, although some members were of the opinion that it was between two males.

Rita, who was absent last week took its topic and read a "factional"item on a trip into the desert incorporating, the words pen,sunglasses and bluebells. This was a good reading using a personal experience to tell a story.

Jane then gave us a humourous poem about her disruptive neighbours.

Douglas took as his subject "What's In A Name". Initially, there were looks of concern as he read about defecation and toilets but the point of the piece was how we try to be inoffensive and "politically correct" and that a spade should be called--"a shovel?"

"Boring Neighbours" was the title of Chris's take on this week's topic. How often have the rest of us identified with the sentimets expressed.

Mary also used this week's topic for her poem but gave it a twist turning a negative aspect into a positive one.

Mary M read three short pieces the first being about us i.e. "The Writers' Circle". Second was a re-read of her poem about the dance and lastly an entertaining piece about a sex goddess whose assets had "gone south" and how she tried to rejuvenate herself. It was agreed that these were worthy of publication on the blog and Cynthia said that she would see that this was done.

Cynthia's "Bosses I Have Known" was a funny insight into a period of her working life spent in Hong Kong and the lengths to which employer went to save money, reduce costs etc. not only in his own work but also in the 25 storey building he shared with other occupants.

Glyn continued with his story of Ned and his first letters home to his family. The humour of this story continued as, depending upon the recipient, the differing methods of begging were exploited.

Christina's poem of her neighbour's intolerance was something we could all identify with but at least she gained a pair of slippers out of it!

Last, but by no means least, was Jenny's view of "The Couple Next Door" and how many of us have felt like expressing ourselves to our neighbours as Jenny would by telling them to "F***k Off!"

During various parts of the meeting, members stated that it was good to hear the week's topic being worked as this was something that we had all drifted away from as well as "hot pens". There was a general feeling that this was something that should be reintroduced on a regular basis.

Ian C


  1. Steady on Douglas - I thought Maureen had the monopoly on toilets!

    That's my gal Jenny - say it like it is!

  2. And of course any number of these poems suggest great plotlines for short stories...