Thursday, 19 March 2009

Meeting 18th March2009

In Nik's absence, Rob was asked to take the chair. Chris notified apologies. Fifteen members were in attendance.

Before the meeting started, Glyn asked if he had offended anyone with his use of language in last week's episode of his story and should he miss out or "BLEEP" swear words. A discussion took place on what was deemed to be acceptable or not and the general consensus was that if it was a natural part of the story then this was OK, but if not, or details were "horribly graphic", then this should be omitted. Glyn then continued with his army story of Ned and the recruits seeking revenge. Again it was pointed out the the dialogue used was that of a bunch of squaddies.

Mary read out a poem entitled "War Correspondent" in which she incorporated this week's subject - using the words Pen, Sunglasses and Bluebells. The poem was most unusual and sentimental.

Brenda stated that she would wait until the end to see if there was time for her to read her piece as it was a story of 1860 words and she was aware that there was maximum limit of 1800 words for reading. This stimulated another discussion among the group on acceptable lengths of readings. It was agreed that this was a matter that now required re-examination due to the expansion in the numbers of the Circle.

Brian read another piece of his fisherman's story dealing with the launch of a vessel. After the reading he stated the he was not happy with it and asked for comments. Most of the comments were that perhaps he had dragged it out a bit with so much detail.

Ian's piece this week was a poem entitled "Wishes" and was a tragic tale of a little boy watching his friend succumb to malaria. Everyone seemed to be stunned by it or moved to tears. Ian advised that he had thought of it while watching Comic Relief.

Joy had two items to read. Yes that's right folks, TWO !!! The first was an item on memories and quite serious while the second was an funny poem about a shepherd and again incorporated this week's suggested topic.

Chris got all mixed up with dates and had composed a poem on one of last month's subjects "The Perfect Man". Her poem was entitled "No Such Thing". Well Chris, there are very few of us left!!

Alan started off his piece with what appeared to be an article on TV shows such as "Antiques Roadshow", "Flog It" etc, as it was called "The Apprentice Piece" and this was again another clever item which wove into the writing this week's subject.

Rob, most unusually for him, read a piece of fiction "Anyone for Tennis?". Everyone thought that it was good and made a number of suggestions to improve it. These included alternative paths to follow should he wish to expand the story.

Heinke told the sad tale of an individual coming to terms with the death of her dog. The story was told in a long, rambling, funny yet nostalgic poem which she had written some time ago and certainly brought a tear to one member's eye.

Brenda had time to read her short story of an old woman's return to Southend where she had spent her honeymoon and in particular the Pier which was destroyed in tragic circumstances for her.

Ian C