Thursday, 5 March 2009


Pat's poem. Yes, it doesn't scan all the time, but it was fun to listen to, which is what poetry is meant for...

Mary Lou was eighty-two,
with eyes of a tired and fading blue.
She was short and plump with a visible hump –
but her house was clean and neat
and her chocolate cake was a joy to eat!

Getting old was difficult for Mary Lou,
so many things still to do,
countries to visit, hills to climb,
but – was she running out of time?

She had such a strong urge to visit Kathmandu
Tho’ she knew it was a foolish thing to do at 82!
But – blow the credit crunch,
she’d have a meagre lunch,
visit her bank, draw out her savings
all to satisfy these cravings.

So she got out her bike, a three-wheeler, you know,
and set off to the bank in a sharp shower of snow!
The manager said it was rather a rash thing to do
- to take out all her cash at eighty-two.

Mary Lou was blessed with a determined mind,
she thanked him for his advice, he meant to be kind.
Then she rushed off to book her flight to Kathmandu
with a travel company called Just for you.

Then Mary Lou joined the Gym
to limber up and try to slim.
But early one day she tripped over a mat
and – oops – fell flat on her back.

She’d flattened her hump but then felt a lump on her hip.
The doctor said, ‘You must say toodle-oo to Kathmandu –
try Benidorm instead, you’ve broken your hip, cancel your trip!

But Mary Lou phoned Just for you
and only postponed Kathmandhu.
‘With a new hip,’ she said, ‘who knows what I’ll be able to do.
See you later, Kathmandhu –
Benidorm can wait till I’m ninety-two!’

Pat Gruet (2009)

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  1. Great stuff Pat, we need more from you