Saturday, 28 March 2009

Tromp d´oeil.

I went to the Scandinavian Expo at Cabo Roig today.

All kinds of firms from the Scan countries were there trying to flog their goods/sevices.

On the way there I bumped into Pat walking her dog and no sooner had I got into the Expo than an Irish brogue greeted me. There was TJ doing his thing!! What was this? A writers´convention?

Well, I didn´t meet any other writers but I did get a cheap haircut on one of the stands and was sweet-talked by the hairdresser into buying some make-up that does amazing things to you.

She said.

She was Irish.......

Perhaps the make up will deceive the eye like the picture does.
Or perhaps not.


  1. Let's face it we are a pretty diverse lot!

  2. Great surreal photo. Is it saying that when some folk go to the toilet (insert suitable euphemism, Douglas!), they have their head in the clouds?