Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Poem (for feedback)


On the eve of the Solstice
they felt a need
to protect the Cenotaph,
to block images and memories
of 'The Glorious Dead'.

Those that gave us freedom
now have to hide behind cheap boards
while others scream, blow whistles,
waggle placards over heads,
blaming the blue Tory band.

Cosseted fresh faces, hair immaculate,
supported by Jimmy Choo,
designer jeans and consumer
rhetoric to forget the past,
and the idea of value.

Spend what can be borrowed.
To hell with restraint or constraint.
Consume. Consume. Presume
it will be alright in the end and
the deficit will simply disappear.

Oh no it won't!  The political divide
pulls two ways.  Red in opposition
to t'other way.  It's the way it is
as people die in our darkening world
when the sun comes up at 4.52am

21st June, 2015  John Edwards (C)

NB. Written for the day and not for
later events.  The only ISIL connection
is probably the term 'darkening world'.
Obviously since then we have had the
Tunisian killings on Friday 26th June.

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