Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Futurelearn provide many online courses and they are very good and easy to do.  They can take time, but weekly hours are indicated and the more time you can devote the greater the payback. 
Some members of Stanza Mar Menor have just signed up for WILLIAM WORDSWORTH: POETRY, PEOPLE AND PLACE.  This is a course that is run with Lancaster University and the Wordsworth Trust and if previous courses are anything to go by - it should be good.  It does not start until 7th September and so there is enough time to read more about him.  It is only a few hours a week and is only over four weeks.  Why not give it a go?

There is interactive feedback and we can offer our views of colleagues work and comments.  I just think that it a very good idea and something that TORREVIEJA Writers Circle can participate in.  Okay, I know that you think that it is just about poetry, but there is more in this course than that. If you feel the need to know more about poetry then you will learn and it may influence your future efforts.

John Edwards 28th July, 2015

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