Thursday, 23 July 2015

Wednesday 22 July

There was a change of programme for today's meeting as we had as a guest speaker, Aoife Leddy, the editor of "Costa Blanca People" (formerly known as "The Coastrider"). Aoife gave us an insight into the running of a newspaper and its trials and tribulations. There was a variety of questions posed to her ranging from her role as editor, the evolution of the newspaper, to the economics of providing a free newspaper in the face of so much competition. During the Q and A session, a number of suggestions were made by members as to what they would like to see in the paper and Aoife said she would take these on board and investigate the possibility of them being included sometime in the future.

After the break there was further discussion on journalistic writing and the general guidelines issued within the newspaper industry. Aoife suggested that, as creative writers, why did we not attempt to write an article on the subject of writing, treat it as a competition which she would judge and the winning entry would be published in a future edition of the newspaper.

The members accepted the challenge with the following guidelines:

Subject                    "Why Write"
Word Count             500 max
Closing Date            26 August ( To the Chairman)

The chairman would then liaise with her at the beginning of September for publication in either late September or early October. The published article would also include details of the TWC which might attract new members.

Ian C

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