Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Hot Pen

Being the last Wednesday of the month, today was a "Hot Pen " day but the members were confronted with a different scenario. Instead of using a random word to write about  they were presented with a scene - a pine table and chair and on the table was a stack of paper which had some writing on it along with a pen. Fifteen minutes was allotted to write the piece and as usual the members did not disappoint with various pictures conjured up from a different version  of "The Three Bears", a classroom scene in which the teacher was absent, the proposed reading of a will in a solicitor's office to a young man returning to the cottage where his grandfather had lived.

After the break, there was time for a quickfire "hot pen" using the word, "penny". Childhood memories of sweets and family life figured largely with this item and of course the bad penny always showed up.

Ian C

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