Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Beyond Belief

On the theme of Beyond Belief

I watched some ants on their migration
I saw order, discipline and co-operation
Where were they headed, and where had they been?
One purpose, to build a new home for their queen

Some carried loads, much bigger than they
I spied a grasshopper corpse – their trophy prey
So large, required a regiment flow
Bearing it high, a moving plateau

All were marching at racing pace
And along the column, sentries in place
If I stepped in the path, I would cause pandemonium
But I just watched, enthralled in admiration

When God looks down on his creation
Do we look like ants on our migration?
Except that we want to do our own thing
No reverence for our God and King

So for God to come down to us on Earth
Would be like man an ant become, by birth
And yet, He humbled Himself, just to show His love
Appeared as a human from His heaven above

We cannot imagine the sacrifice
He was willing to make to save one life
That He suffered all that pain and grief
is practically just beyond belief.

Susan Champion 10th June


  1. Well done, Susan. Now that you are up and running I look forward to reading more of your work on the blog.

    Ian C

  2. I particularly liked how you used the comparison to get over your message. A new