Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Spain, twenty first of June, it's summertime
temperature starts at twenty nine point nine
and still rising, so I walk by the sea while it's cool,
I see heat haze shimmer hot. The sun is cruel.
Shade is at a premium, don't want to bask.
I sit, ask for a small beer from the cask.
I take a long draught and squint at the sky
and think to myself how lucky am I.

Margaret Rowland

Sorry it's so late.  Not one of my best, but somehow captures the mood of the day.  Any coments would be much appreciated.  I am away for 6 or 7 weeks now, but will be blogging and putting stuff on our facebok page.  Any comments on work I put on is much appreciated.  From this mornings discussion, I think it wasn't said but we, I think, all value the comments that people make.  I like opinion and think that I can take suggestions and comments in the frame of mind they are given.  Equally I like to be frank, but not offensive  I enjoyed todays discussion.  We all have the ability to write and comment.  Let's do it.  Thank you Ian for the opportunity.  I will shut up now!

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  1. I liked the poem. It captures the essence of what we are all feeling at the moment. Your comments about opinion/ feedback are also very relevant and we should all welcome this in relation to our work. I look forward to reading other posts over the coming weeks and I never want any member(s) to shut up.

    Ian C