Friday, 10 July 2015

Kathy's Summer Poem


"Father - what colour is the world?"

"Oh my son - such a question - what colour is the world?"

"Let me think - a difficult question! I have never thought of a colour for the world".

"Listen - I would say the world changes - it has different colours:

In autumn it is ochre, brown and dark red,
In winter it is white and blue and grey,
In spring it is green
But summer does really show the world in all colours, it is an endless rainbow:
Fugacious like all beauty,
Yellow like the abacinating sun,
Red like the hot fire and love,
Blue like the endless oceans,
Lilac like warm passion,
Green like everlasting hope.

Do you see the colours of the world now?"

Kathrein Humbel-Bolz

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